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Starting and furthering your medical career in the United States is possible with the help of Shekinah Global Healthcare’s medical staffing and at-home healthcare agency. Our mission is centered around providing high-quality medical and non-medical care to patients across the greater San Bernardino County area. We’re always eager to recruit new healthcare workers and medical professionals in the United States and abroad to join our team and gain real-world experience. Skilled Rns and LPNs are encouraged to make the most of their experience and work one-on-one with patients by choosing Shekinah Global Healthcare and receiving many benefits.

If you’re ready to launch your career in the United States and provide necessary medical care to patients in California, reach out to us to learn more about joining our team. We’re eager to help nurses and licensed practitioners advance their professional careers!

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Benefits Of Working With Shekinah Global Healthcare

The primary benefit of working with Shekinah Global Healthcare medical staffing is to receive real-world experience and to improve interpersonal patient-centered skills. However, the job experiences our RNs and LPNs receive also allows them to truly develop and further their long-term careers. Our priority is to open new doors and provide new opportunities to medical professionals who are passionate about administering medical and non-medical care.


Our organization is capable of helping the individuals we recruit have access to the necessary preparatory courses they need to advance in the medical field. Specifically, we can take care of the NCLEX, CGFNS, and IELTS preparatory courses while also paying for the exam fees. Worker’s compensation insurance, liability insurance, and malpractice insurance are also provided on behalf of our company to protect the well-being of our employees. Our Shekinah Global Healthcare representatives will work with you directly — without any middleman or red tape — to provide necessary training and place you in positions at top United States hospitals.

For nurses and other medical professionals who currently live outside of the United States, our medical staffing agency handles every single aspect of relocating, including:

  • Paying legal fees to obtain United States visas

  • Paying visa screening and filing fees

  • Paying health screening fees

  • Providing relocation airfare and the first month’s lodging

  • Providing a social security card, bank account, and income tax advice


Our orientation program for foreign medical professionals is designed to comfortably integrate them into United States culture so they can comfortably interact with patients. We’re prepared to do everything possible to help you hit the ground running on your first day working within the United States, including providing education on:

  • Clinical nursing issues

  • Safety and risk issues

  • Accreditation

  • Federal and state regulations

  • Legal issues

  • Career advancement

  • Cultural adaptation

  • One-on-one mentoring during the first six months of employment

Getting Started With Our Medical StaffinG

Jump-start your medical career by working with Shekinah Global Healthcare! Whether you currently live in the U.S. or outside the country, we will do everything possible to ensure you’re successful with our medical staffing agency. Learn more about how you can excel through our home healthcare services!

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