Inside the Shekinah Global Healthcare Mission

Inside the Shekinah Global Healthcare Mission

Since Shekinah Global Healthcare was established in 2019, it has been our mission to help seniors and other patients in Rancho Cucamonga and the Greater San Bernadino County area keep up with their health and live their best lives. We’d like to take this opportunity to go a little deeper into what that mission entails for our staff of doctors, nurses, and our valued patients here in California.


Provide Quality, Compassionate Care

At Shekinah Global Healthcare, we are passionate about serving the seniors in our community by providing them with the care they need in their golden years. In addition to providing compassionate general home healthcare support services, we also offer elderly care so that your loved ones are cared for around the clock.


Physical and Occupational Therapy

As your loved ones get older, we know that it’s a priority to help them maintain their physical independence and ability to perform daily activities for as long as possible. Shekinah Global Healthcare provides both physical and occupational therapy for our seniors. Our therapists work with our patient’s support group, such as children or other family members, to make sure everyone understands their role in our patients’ care program.


Support the Value of Human Life

According to statistics from the CDC, 16% of the United States population, or about one in seven adults, was over the age of 65. That’s not an insignificant amount of people who need supportive, quality, and compassionate care! As we age, chronic diseases become more apparent, including dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. At Shekinah Global Healthcare, we see and recognize the value of your aging loved ones — and we believe that value is reflected in the quality of services we provide.


Medicare, Medi-Cal and Commercial Insurance

In order to make our senior healthcare services as widely available and accessible as possible, Shekinah Global Healthcare is proud to accept Medicare, Medi-Cal (California Medicare), and many commercial insurances. If you have any questions regarding what your insurance will cover for senior care support and at-home care, please contact us today!

We hope that this shows just how much we care for and value our senior patients in the Greater San Bernandino area. If you would like to inquire about our healthcare services, please visit our services page or contact us today.

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