Everyday Tasks an At-Home Medical Assistant Can Help You With

Everyday Tasks an At-Home Medical Assistant Can Help You With

Everyone deserves to live with dignity, and if you or a loved one could benefit from the comfort and convenience of at-home care, Shekinah Global Healthcare is here to help! We provide personalized home health care as well as non-medical care and assistance to patients in San Bernardino county. Here are a few everyday tasks our at-home aids can help with, and if you’d like to learn more, contact our home health aide agency today!

elderly person getting ready for bath

Bathing and Showering

Maintaining good hygiene is important in order to prevent illnesses and infections, but it can be difficult for seniors to keep up with because they often have mobility issues. Our at-home care services can help patients bathe and shower safely, helping them stay clean and healthy.

healthcare worker helping change clothes


Struggling to put on clothes can be frustrating, and it's even more difficult when you aren't able to use your hands. Our caregivers can ensure that patients are dressed in comfortable and proper clothing, helping them look and feel their best.

healthcare worker bringing food

Meal Preparation

There are several aspects to meal preparation, from cooking and baking to setting the table. Our caregivers can help patients with each of these tasks so that they can enjoy a healthy, filling meal every day. We also can also assist with grocery shopping.

healthcare worker assisting with transport

Transportation to Doctors' Appointments and Other Locations

In order to receive proper medical care and assistance with everyday tasks, patients may need to visit the doctor often. Our caregivers can help patients get to their appointments safely and on time.

Home Health Care Services San Bernardino

These are just a few examples of how our at-home care team can help you feel comfortable in your home and community! Along with these services, our RNs and LPNs provide clients with education and resources to help them continue to be independent. Contact our home health aid agency today to get started.

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